Who Am I?

Rohan Goel is currently a student at Georgia Tech, pursuing MS in Computer Science. Prior to this, he worked as a Software Developer at the European retail giant, Tesco's Technology Division. Also, he completed his bachelor's in Computer Science at the top private Insitution in India: BITS Pilani. He's a keen learner, enthusiastic explorer and has a passion for bringing together and intuitive user experience with impeccable code.

Rohan enjoys playing with data and his interests revolve primarily around data analytics and machine learning. He has been actively contributing to open source and has successfully developed many interesting applications and libraries. He also loves graphic designing and has been designing posters, logos along with a bit of image editing, more as a hobby.

He plays basketball, cricket and usually goes for a swim to rejuvenate himself. He loves to travel and explore new places along with mother nature


Where I have studied

Currently pursuing in M.S. Computer Science from Georgia Institute of Technology (Georgia Tech) since August 2019 and expected to graduate in Spring 2021.

Relevant Courses:
Data & Visual Analytics, Machine Learning for Trading, Computer Vision, Database Systems Concepts & Design

Graduated with Distinction in B.E (Hons.) Computer Science from BITS Pilani in July 2018

Relevant Courses:
Computer Programming, Logic in Computer Science, Discrete Structures of Computer Science, Data Structures & Algorithms, Object Oriented Programming, Database Systems, Compilers, Networking, Information Retreival, Design and Analysis of Algorithms, Digital Design, Microprocessors & Interfacing, Theory of Computation, Operating Systems, Principles of Programming Languages, Computer Architecture, Neural Networks and Fuzzy Logic, Cryptography, Information Retrieval, Data Mining


Places where I have worked

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TESCO Technology - India

Software Developer | July 2018 - July 2019

As a member of the Data Platform & Analytics team at TESCO, one of my major project was to develop a parser to help automate the translation of queries from Teradata SQL to Hive SQL so as to facilitate the execution of sales and analytical models on Hadoop and save subscription costs.

CIRAD (LIRMM), University of Montpellier - France

Visiting Intern | August 2017 - December 2017

Developed new techniques and an application to help epidemiologists at CIRAD (French Government's Agricultural Research Centre for International Development) analyse the patterns and causes of various diseases which is being currently in use at the institution. The work was consolidated in a research paper which was accepted at VINCI '18 and can be found here.

CeADAR, Dublin Institure of Technology - Ireland

Summer Intern | May 2017 - July 2017

Developed Explorobot from scratch, which is an Automatic Data Visualiser and Navigator. It helps data analysts by replacing the bulky traditional visual analytics softwares with the intuitive & adaptive experience.


My Recent Work

Multi Document Summariser

The app summarizes a set of documents using different machine learning approaches like SVM, Random Forest, Decision Trees and ELM as a classifers to mark a sentence as important/un-important.

Publication at VINCI'17


The app utilizes social network analysis techniques to examine the relationships between actors on the Internet Relay Chat(IRC) social networking service.

Github Wiki


A Voice Enabled Multiplayer Word Puzzle : For people who enjoy playing word puzzles but are too lazy to move their hands to mark the words.

Github Demo


A walkable piano : Now use your feet to play your favorite tunes on the piano. Was demonstrated in Quark : The technical festival of the institution, attented by around ten thousand students

Github Demo

Plants vs Zombies

Own implementation of popular tower-defense and strategy game developed from scratch using JAVA in Greenfoot which involves an army of zombies trying to enter the house and eat your brains.

Github Demo

Quadcopter Simulation

A simulation of a Quadcopter robot created in x86 assembly language as Academic Project for the course [CS F241] Microprocessors and Interfacing. Using Intel 8086 as the processor the design was simulated in Proteus Design Suite.



What people say about me

Sourced from my LinkedIn profile

I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Rohan. I had the pleasure of working with Rohan for 18 months at the Tesco, collaborating on big data project. Rohan’s ability to pickup requirement and execute it with perfection, during course of execution he brings lot of innovative ideas, he is always ready to put all his energy and time to get the job done. As a team member Rohan earns my highest recommendation.

I met Rohan in 2017, when he came for a few months in my lab (LIRMM-University of Montpellier, France) to work for an internship on a visualization project. He did a great job. He perfectly understood the end users (epidemiologists) needs, and he designed and developed a sound application. Epidemiologists really liked it - they found it powerful and currently use it in their daily work. Also, we published a paper at VINCI 2018 presenting the approach - VINCI is an international conference on Information Visualization. It was a great pleasure for me to collaborate with Rohan and I highly recommend him.

Rohan developed the ExploroBot Application during his time at DIT. In a short time frame, he developed a sophisticated application with multiple layers of logic, UI and Data management. He has an excellent work ethic and is a pleasure to work with. I recommend him thoroughly and hope, at some point in the future, to be work with him again.

During GSoC 2016 I was Rohan’s mentor. Rohan showed both an eagerness to learn and exceptional management skills. Even before GSoC started, Rohan contributed to our code and made the best proposal of all the ones we received. Once GSoC started he made sure to reach the set goals and deadlines with only little guidance. Since all the organizational aspects were taken care of by him, I could focus on reviewing his code contributions. He was able to quickly deliver the features that were requested leaving plenty of time to refine the code further. My comments were always received very positively and I did not have to make any comments twice. Rohan picked up new concepts every week without much effort and with great enthusiasm. It was a pleasure to work with him..

Rohan worked under my supervision in ValueFirst, on a product named "Revide". During this time, from design to development, he worked very actively and smartly. His quick grasping and innovative ideas helped us to develop our product and make it more functional. His willingness to work will help him in future.

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